Friday, March 24, 2006


Examples of typical Mumbai-isms

* Yeh mehengai bahut costly ho gaya hai aaj kal

*Aaj aapun ka bad luck hi kharaab hai

*Arrey uska room kya mast hai.. paanch bada bada kamra hai
(room is a synonym for an apartment, while kamra ofcourse is room)

*yeh aaj kal tension ka bahut magajmari hai

One encounters these and such like on a daily basis, but dare not smirk..

ekdum serious se sunne ka


Anonymous said...

Hey Kaveeta!
That was cool. Cracked my sides laughing!! Yeah typical Mumbai-isms! And then there is one most famous & most common - "Mistake is wrong!"

Kaveetaa Kaul said...


it would go 'Bola na.. mistake se wrong ho gaya'

One should actually have a compilation of these and read it on one of those 'bad luck hi kharab hai' days of our lives.

Anonymous said...

your blog is lke a masala has everything.

heard of chance by luck?

Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Masala film?? har har ..I like that.

Chance by luck is so whacky.

I guess it would go like' maine iska liye try nahin maara, buss chance by luck ho gaya"

but 'chance' would be more 'channas':)

neha said...


Your article reminded me of what my part time bai said 'mera aadmi ka chinese ka bizness karta hai'

He has a roadside stall of chinese food.