Monday, March 13, 2006

Bravo Wahida!!

A proud moment for Indian womanhood.

A first for Indian history.

A Woman led the passing out parade of the Indian Armed Forces at Pune today.

That she is Wahda, a Muslim from Kashmir is important only to prove once and for all the undoubtedly secular nature of our country.

Greater significance however is her status as an Indian woman .

The paradox remains though. Without wishing to dilute the uniqueness of this achievement, especially in the face of great difficulty(she had lost her father in kashmir to terrorist attack)the other face of violence against women remains clearly unabated.

More Tomorrow .

Sorry Guys its tomorrow. There has been no update on this in any of the leading publications, which I find strangely strange. The T.V. news channels had been airing the relevant clippings, and an interview with her mother, who was all praise for The Indian Govt and their non-bias in the issue. It was touching to see that the mother a school teacher despite financial constraints and loss of her husband, toiled to see his dream come true, and encouraged her daughter to claim this Merit.

A Bravo to this mother as well!!

It is a notable event .. Wish it had been given greater media coverage. Women hardly make great news, unless it is Aishwarya, or then a rape!!

AAhhh.. Finally unearthed a link. Her name is Wahida, Sorry for the error.

The article titled 'Woman On top', featured at the bottom of the page.. Could have been easily missed


silbil said...

very heartening...
proud to be an indian...
proud to be a woman

Kaveetaa Kaul said...


She seems a symbol of grit.