Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not Bad!!

My piece titled 'An Uncommon Love Story'...was selected 'DESICRITICS Editor Picks Of The Month'..


North said...

Dear Kaveeta, Congratulations!!

What a wonderful blessing, for a great tribute to your parents, Kaveeta!

All my best regards,


Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Thanks dear north:)Yeah basically it was the magic of the love I had been witness to.

North said...

you said it, Kaveeta, the love given witness to! God Bless Moms like yours Kaveeta; they are rare women in these changing times of child-rearing and priority.

Your Mom must be so proud of you; and her..very heartwarming story I have bookmarked to read over again.

I finally know what you look like Kaveeta; and you are a beauty. Inside and out, as I love your thoughts here on your blog.


Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Thanks North,

You are so kind and thoughtful.. it is almost transparent.

My mother is with me presently.Almost everyday is an effort to keep her going with her chin up. Healing is slow. But Sure, hopefully.

North said...

Dear Kaveeta, though time is a slow heals eventually, enough to manage sorrow.

It must be quite an adjustment for her; she is very fortunate to having a loving daughter like you to be there for her.

Yes, I know about keeping chins up; Mom never did get over my brother passing. Though time has lessened the pain; the pain is still there in her haunting.

All we can do is love our Mom's up the best we know how.

continued blessings to you and your Mom Kaveeta.