Monday, February 13, 2006

13-Lucky For Some

Today is the 13th and to be selected as "Desicritic of the day",is a great start to the day.

Pleasantly surprised.I consider myself a novice, still floundering in this gargantuan universe of erstwhile bloggers.

Gratefully accepted though. It means a lot since the site in question is among the best we South Asians can boast of.


Desh Kapoor said...

Hi Kaveetaa:

COngrats!! I know you and I had a brief debate.. but I really respect you! And I am happy you have found YOUR own voice through Sachinti (great blog name!!) and desicritics!!


Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Thanks Desh. If anything, after todays post, I am convinced that life has to be lived sans emotional baggage .

You have earned my respect too :)