Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Believe This

India is the twelfth wealthiest country in the world!!!!!

Unbelievable..yet it professes to be true. Question that seems uppermost however is WHERE does it show, account for and mirror?

According to a recent survey India still has the world’s LARGEST number of poor people in a single country. Of its nearly 1 billion inhabitants, an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line, 75 per cent of them in the rural areas.

Just how was the calculation and wealth figure arrived at, beggars explanation. A possible rationale would be the fact that it is the GDP figures which have been considered instead of the more realistic per capita income. How can the population numbers not bear relevance? Simultaneously,it does need to be shouted at from the roof tops, especially with the inflationary trends and oil prices having peaked the highest in the last decade. But who is it targetted to impress??

Try convincing a weakened to the bone, barely alive human, fighting starvation, or the harassed to suicide farmers of Vidarbha, with this piece of paper information.

What good really? If the report is to be taken as Gospel, then how and where are the resources being flagrantly misused, disused or underused for the results to be in stark contrast to the findings?

Beats me...Good for laughs though..


Neha said...

But the potential is there..if only it could be made true.. maybe in another 100 years

der Bergwind said...

'mirror mirror on the wall... whoz the wealthiest of 'em all?'
n the magic faded over the yearz, the mirror has lost the reflective powerz:)

n the riches may not be paper back notes but resources, man power.... fertile human grey matterz... in this age of crooked surveyz n information vandalism.. alwayz look out for the clause ** conditions apply**:)
but with the 'men in whites' of indian politicz plundering monies along wit industrial hot shotz.. (ye saab ander ki baat hai) we can pride of the riches!!