Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Note from Afar


Lazy, langurous, lush mornings

Cool, chirpy and calm.

afternoons lulling peacefully

in Natures warm embrace.

Candle-lit, aroma-ed, delectable evenings,

with memories of sun-kissed sand.

The search continues unabated


Long into the night.

Hey Guys.. you guessed right...Am on vacation

Will be back soon.


North said...

Dear Kaveetaa, Happy Holidays!! Was worried about you(wink) and glad to hear you are on holiday, making memories of the heart, in pleasant resting time. Jolly good!

Love & Blessings,

temporal said...

enjoy reflection time

and return with two articles and three poems


neha said...

Some people do have all the luck:)

Not envious, just plain jealous.

Have a great time and hope to hear from you soon

Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Hi North,

you were worried..treasures from blogging..gems such as you.

Hey T,

That was a tall order 'dost'

Expecting a poem and a post

From a mind thats been suspended

All reasoning has ended

just living by the senses on the coast.


Its vacation time

not conducive for rhyme or chime!

Yours in brainless state.

Hi Neha,

No need to be jealous..its just a vacation.Besides, if you ask me honestly, I miss being on the blog. Can you believe that? Dying to be back.

Anonymous said...

ok.... so let us see..

chirpy, warm, sand, lush, lulling.

Quite a few clues as to the location of your vacation.

I think I have guessed it..:)

Shall confirm when you are back. Have fun.